Welcome to First Grade ! Sister Fouzia Faruque's Class

I earned my Bachelor and Master’s degree in Elementary Education from the universities of Adelphi and C. W. Post, respectively. I have completed my professional certification programs through the University of C.W. Post in the fields of childhood education and Special Education. I am a primary teacher of first graders at Hamza Academy. Through my ten plus years of experience at Hamza, I have discovered that I truly enjoy teaching in the primary grades. The strengths that I bring into the classroom are exciting, creative, and interactive project ideas that are coupled with organized lesson planning that focuses on integration and differentiation. These projects encourage a sense of open-mindedness, in order to engage students and capture their interest, which in turn makes learning more enjoyable. As a tenet of my teaching philosophy, I strive to institute a classroom atmosphere based on mutual respect, responsibility, and accountability. Being cognizant of today's needs of a strong Muslim presence, I want to help my first graders build qualities that will demonstrate leadership and respect for diversity, so that our young Muslims can grow to make positive contributions to their communities. I truly am grateful to Allah(swt) for the opportunity to be a part of an institution that mirrors my feelings when it comes to prepare our young Muslim children to become strong leaders of this nation. I feel privileged to be given the opportunity to teach your precious children.

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