Welcome to 4th Grade ! Sister Hina Javed's Class

My name is Hina Javed and I am super excited to announce that I will be teaching fourth grade at Hamza Academy year 2020-2021 Inshaa’Allah! I have a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and I am NYS Certified Elementary School teacher. The beginning of fourth grade starts off with a review of many concepts learned in third grade. If students have a solid grasp of what they already learned, they will be bale to understand the new material at a much quicker rate. As fourth graders, we will learn harder concepts, develop deeper understandings and connections and become more independent workers. As a parent and educator, I understand times have been difficult during the pandemic. And I believe this is the time for us to connect and do our level best to provide our children the education they need. Hamza Academy’s staff is working together as a team to make available the best strategy for our children’s education.

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