Why Hamza Academy

 Mission Statement

We seek to develop in each student  a positive identity who is prepared intellectually,socially,emotionally ,spiritually and physically  to succeed in tomorrow’s world. 

 Vision Statement

Hamza Academy envisions producing an educational environment where our young individuals will use their minds and Islamic character to become positive contributors to society in order to create a stronger Ummah in the future.


All of our staff receive an intensive summer training and ongoing professional development throughout the year in best educational practices. We are highly committed to providing a holistic teaching and learning experience for your children. We have an open door policy and welcome feedback via our social media platform Bloomz, which directly connects you to our staff.


We offer a highly rigorous and top reviewed curriculum that is aligned to the local high performing public school districts. We follow Common Core Learning Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, IQRA, ACTFL, and NY P-12 Standards. We also map out  student progress via quarterly online assessments using NWEA Map. We have incorporated technology in our instructional  time and student work periods. We are growing in the fields of Project Based Learning, Service Learning, Character Building, Science, Technology, Art, Math, and Engineering.